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  • The Revival of Wainscoting

    The Revival of Wainscoting

    Long forgotten, wainscoting is making a strong come-back! A victim of cost-conscious homebuilders and homebuyers, wainscoting is unfortunately not often found in new homes today.  

    Wainscoting can add interest and elegance to any area of a home, in addition to its orginal protective purpose.  Traditionally, it was installed primarily in high traffic areas, such as hallways and staircases or in formal areas such as dining rooms.

    To modernize the look of wainscotting, experiment with colours and heights.  Although white is always a great look, a rich brown or a neutral colour can look great in large, open spaces on the main level of a home. Another option is to create one focal wall of wainscotting, and painting it a different colour than the rest of the room.

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